Renal Insufficiency Therapy in Children; Quality assessment and improvement.

RICH-Q is a multicentre cohort study which started August 1st 2007. In this study the quality of care for children with End Stage Renal Disease will be assessed using quality indicators. At this moment no data exist on the influence of these quality indicators on outcomes of the several treatment modalities, such as peritoneal dialysis, conventional haemodialysis, extended forms of haemodialysis and transplantation. Another problem is that there are no central guidelines for chronic renal replacement therapy in children available in the and . The aim of this study is to improve the quality of care by central registration and peer reviewing. In this study there will be special attention on early detection of cardiovascular co morbidity and also quality of life of the patients will be examined. The study is funded by the Dutch Kidney Foundation and will proceed from all hospitals in the Netherlands and Belgium that provide chronic renal replacement therapy for children.